Old Git's Melody Makers

I have a few Melody Makers, Aug 1968 - Dec 1976 to be precise.

Over the years I have had big plans for these. Even thought that I might make some money out of owning them rather than selling them. But I'm darned if I can think of a way. However, I am open to suggestions, so if you come up with a get-Keith-rich scheme, do let me know. If I make enough money I might even pay you some commission!

Anyway, I eventually decided that I would digitise them and put them on a website for all to see. A very, very good idea thought I but it soon became apparent that this would take an awfully long time. Plus the publishers (IPC magazines) wouldn't even give me permission to post a few articles online. So instead I am reduced to publishing text-only digests of each issue, starting with 1968. I suppose that one day I might get around to scanning the odd ad for a gig, we'll see.

At the moment I've only managed to do a bit of 1968. To be honest, that's only because I started a website a few years ago and it was then that I scanned the covers. So I am really just recycling some old rubbish. No doubt I'll get around to finishing 1968 and then get on with 1969 - 1976. Just don't hold your breath!

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