Greenway School, Uxbridge

Secondary modern school just outside Uxbridge. It was where my first group of friends attended and where out earliest rehearsals with Blue Goose took place. It was also where the entire membership of our fan club were based.

    Steve Pullen
    Best friend at the time. Lived just down the road from me which is how we met. I met all the others from the Greenway thru him. Steve was also the drummer in our band Blue Goose. We played 3 gigs, 2 of them at the Greenway school dances where we played during the interval. The Sceptres were the main group and just to prove it here is a ticket from our second gig, back in October 1968. Truth be told we weren't that good. We started off playing stuff like "High Heel Sneakers" and "Baby Come Back". The band was originally me(rhythm), Steve(drums), Orange(vocals), plus bass and lead whose names escape me. Before our first gig we had a change in the line-up, Orange went and a guy called Viv joined. Viv played guitar and keyboards, and was good. The Sceptres actually tried to poach him from us to join them on a cruise. Viv decided that he would only go if we all went; he'd join The Sceptres and we would be the support band. This however was a non starter as both Steve and I had just started proper jobs and were unwilling to just give them up and go. Looking back I can't believe I said no. OK so the Sceptres hadn't actually agreed but for a few days I could have been "in showbiz". We started doing Viv's original stuff mixed with a little Velvet Underground. Unfortunately our originals weren't! One of them took the music from one Who song and added words based on another Who song. So we didn't last. Didn't even make any money. We got paid for one gig but that cash went to the local music shop who had lent us a load of gear. Last I heard of Steve he was still married to Anita and living near Heathrow.
    Robert (Orange) Ford
    Really Steve's friend. Didn't know him very well. He was the original vocalist with Blue Goose but didn't survive the early personnel changes.
    Sheehan Paramour
    Sorry Sheehan, I just can't remember how to spell your name. We were friends for a while when we were 16/17. He came with me to my first trip to Middle Earth. I remember once when the Beatles' White Album had just been released, Sheehan was trying to impress a girl, so we played Birthday down the phone and pretended it was our band. Not sure whether it worked or not.
Nicky AKA Ben AKA David Bendal, lived more or less opposite Hornbill Close. Still not absolutely sure what his real name was.

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