Sunday 17th June 2001

On Sunday Dave and I embarked on own Magical Mystery Tour in the car.

We went to the Dingle and saw the house where Ringo was born
Ringo's birthplace

then went to the house that Ringo moved to which was very close by. Here is Dave outside
Dave outside Ringo's house

The pub at the end of the Admiral Grove is The Empress and it was on the cover of Ringo’s Sentimental Journey LP.
The Empress

Both John and George went to Dovedale Primary School
John & George's Primary School and John went on to Quarry Bank Grammar School
Quarry Bank

On 6th July 1957 John and The Quarrymen were playing at St Peters Church Hall. It was on this day that John first met Paul.
St Peter's Church Hall

Gambier Terrace is where John and Stuart shared a flat. Here is Dave sitting on the doorstep just like John did all those years ago.

Not far away is Ye Cracke. This was the pub where John took Cynthia after their first dance. John and Stuart Sutcliffe drank here regularly.
Ye Cracke pub

We also saw the flat that Brian let John and Cynthia live in when they were first married
John and Cyn's first home

There were just 2 places left to go.
First, well let me give you a clue
Dave at Penny Lane

Notice that the road name is now painted on the wall; people kept stealing the signs!
In the words of the song:
In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs…...
The barbers ...

On the corner is a banker with a motor car...
The bank on the corner

Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout...
Dave in the bus shelter

Then there was just once place left

Let me take you down
Cos we’re going to ...
Strawberry Field

And then we went home – we’d both had a great time we’d never forget.

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