Saturday 16th June 2001

We had driven up to Liverpool the night before and checked into our hotel. We had a few problems but eventually got a room with en-suite and a working TV. After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast we walked to Albert Dock
Dave, where are we going?

and had a look around. On the way we passed a model of a certain naval vessel.
Dave and a Yellow Submarine

Dave bought a book and a map of “Beatles’ Liverpool” and we bought our tickets for the coach tours.
Beatles Combo ticket

After a cup of coffee we got on the bus to the house that Paul McCartney lived in. On the way we passed the church where Roger (Dave's older brother) and Sue were married. There were only 6 of us in the bus and it was a short ride to 20 Forthlin Road.

Paul's old home

Paul moved here in 1955 with his parents Jim and Mary (who died in October 1956), and his brother Mike. The house is now owned by The National Trust.
Ticket to 20 Forthlin Rd

We were met outside by John who lives there. He told us that we were not allowed to take photos inside the house and took our bags and cameras and locked them in a cupboard. Then we were given tape machines that had various people telling us about the house and about Paul. The people on the tape were:

  • Sir Paul McCartney
  • Mike McCartney
  • Dilys Mohin (Mary’s sister-in-law)
  • Hunter Davies (who wrote the first authorised biography of The Beatles)
  • Shelagh Johnson (who used to help Jim with the fan mail)
There were lots of pictures mainly taken by Mike. There were pictures of:
  • Paul and John in the sitting room with guitars
  • Paul in the doorway with some drums
  • Paul in the garden
  • Paul combing his hair, while not wearing a shirt
This old picture of John was taken in Paul's kitchen
John making tea at Forthlin Road

All too soon it was time to leave the house and go back to the Albert Dock
Dave and me outside 20 Forthlin Rd

where we had another stroll around looking in shops
Dave at the shops

then a bite of lunch before going to The Beatles Story.
Dave outside the Beatles Story

This had lots of pictures and video of The Beatles but we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the exhibition. In the shop they were selling prints of paintings by Stuart Sutcliffe.
Dave with Stuart Sutcliffe prints in background

Then it was time to catch The Magical Mystery Tour coach.
Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

The coach took us all over Liverpool to lots of different Beatle locations. Sometimes the coach stopped and let us out but other times we had to stay on the coach. The tour guide's name was Eddie and the driver’s name was Les, whose wife went to primary school with Ringo Starr. Some of the places we saw from the bus were:

  • 12 Arnold Grove, the house that George Harrison was born in
George's birthplace

  • 251 Menlove Avenue, where John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George
Menlove Avenue

  • and the Epsteins' family home
Brian Epstein's house

Actually, we saw lots of other places as well, but Dave and I went back to them on Sunday in the car. When the coach tour finished Dave bought a video about the tour. Before we got off the coach Eddie told us that some original members of The Quarrymen were playing a gig that night.
The coach tour finished at The Cavern Club, where the legend began.
Dave outside the Cavern

The original Cavern had been demolished but this was an exact replica. We had a look inside
The Cavern
The stage
Dave in the cavern

and were given a poster

Across the road from The Cavern was a statue of John Lennon.
Dave and John

Before we went back to the hotel we had a drink in The Grapes, which is where the groups often went for a drink because you couldn’t buy alcohol at The Cavern. If you look very carefully you will see Eddie Porter at the bar.
The Grapes

Inside The Grapes

Sometimes the groups went to The White Star which is just around the corner.
The White Star

We walked back to the hotel and went past two of the clubs where The Beatles used to go in the early days.

The Blue Angel, where they went after gigs but never played
The Blue Angel

and The Jacaranda

Our hotel was near the registry office where John and Cynthia got married
Where John & Cynthia got married

In the evening we went to The New Clubmoor Hall, Back Broadway. This was the venue for Paul McCartney's debut with The Quarrymen in October 1957. In fact the ticket had that now-famous photo of The Quarrymen performing there
Quarrymen ticket

Here is a better version of that photo, probably taken in November 1957
The Quarrymen 1957

The band members that night, from left to right, were:
  • Colin Hanton, who still plays his original drums
Colin Hanton
  • Paul McCartney
  • Len Garry, who has moved from tea-chest bass to guitar and vocals
Len Garry
  • John Lennon
  • and Eric Griffiths who was on holiday that night but is now, sadly, deceased
Someone not in that picture from 1957 was Rod Davis - he had recently left the group and been replaced by Paul!
Rod Davis

So Dave and I were privileged to see 3 of the original Quarrymen live on stage at The New Clubmoor Hall
The Quarrymen 2001

At the end of the evening various friends were invited to play with The Quarrymen. The guy on washboard was Eddie, the MMT guide who told us about the gig. Thanks Eddie!
The Quarrymen featuring Mr Eddie Porter

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