Old Git's (AKA Keith Webley) Homepage

Over the years I have started a website many, many times but somehow have never actually finished any of them. Including this one!
So, I've taken all those aborted websites plus one that was a current work-in-progress and have come up with this. It might not be much but it's all mine. I used to use the free website providers (I am a cheapskate) offering loads of space and bandwidth, only they all disappeared without trace; taking this fantastic site with them! So I have managed to shoe-horn the site into the laughingly small amount of webspace provided by my ISP. I suppose that if my ISP goes, I'll have a lot more to worry about than this site.

Now, it might be that someone reading this would want to contact me. Obviously the easiest way is to use the "mailto" facility except that's the way spammers harvest email addresses and I don't want to help them. So you have a choice. If you are desperate to email me, you'll have to construct my email address manually. Think of it as a mental agility test. All you have to do is take the address you used to get here(excluding the www bit), remembering that it is not what is displayed above. Still with me? Then add the word contact followed by the at symbol. Easy, yes?

Or, I have found another free host that provides a blog. And a blog can operate like a guestbook. All you need to do is to follow this link to my guestbook and leave me a comment. If you do leave a message, just check the URL of the blog.

Anyway, what exactly is on this poor excuse for a website?

And that's it really. Should anyone be interested I do have lots and lots of photos on Flickr. Do feel free to have a look.

OK, as I mentioned above, here is the latest Beatles news followed by a counter.

Just me playing with a counter